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The Mondi Wetlands Programme is sponsored by

·         The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA)

·         WWF

·         Mondi Ltd

·         The Mazda Wildlife Fund


The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) was founded in 1926, and is South Africa's oldest and largest non-government, membership-based environmental organisation. WESSA maintains a watchful eye on the South African environment through its extensive network of Regional Offices , Branches , Friends Groups and Environmental Clubs. WESSA's vision is to achieve a South Africa which is wisely managed by all to ensure long-term environmental sustainability. To this end we promote public participation in caring for the Earth.

Professional environmental staff are employed to work directly with the public, local, provincial and national government and with other environmental organisations for the protection of the environment. WESSA is represented on many National and Regional conservation bodies and investigatory commissions, and is a founder member of the World Conservation Union (formerly the International Union for the Conservation of Nature - IUCN).

WESSA has been, and continues to be, a motivating force behind many of South Africa's most significant environmental decisions . These and other achievements are as a result of the voices and actions of ordinary South Africans - people who have been willing participants in caring for the Earth. Today WESSA remains relevant and influential as both an environmental watchdog and as an educator.

WESSA is a Section 21 company registered as an Incorporated Association not for gain. The Regions elect a National Council, which in turn  appoints the Board of Directors.



WWF   in  South Africa    was founded in 1968 by the late Dr. Anton Rupert and was then know as the Southern African Nature Foundation. Throughout the past 40 years, this national office of the leading global conservation organization, are still committed to conserve the natural heritage of South Africa for future generations.

WWF South Africa currently has 7 main programmes; Climate Change, Trade and Investment, Environmental Education, Species, Marine, Freshwater and the Ecosystems Partnership. We work with numerous partners including NGOs, industry and government to achieve our goal of people living in harmony with nature.

WWF’s vision is: By 2050 the world will have:

WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by:



Mondi is an international paper and packaging company, withe production operations across 31 countries and revenues of €5.3 billion in 2009.  The Group's key operations are located in central Europe, Russia and South Africa and employed 31 000 people on average in 2009.

Mondi owns or leases 332 000 hectares of land in South Africa of which 230,000 is planted with hardwoods (e.g. eucalyptus) and softwoods (e.g. pine and spruce). It also hold logging rights to 2.1 million hectares of mainly softwood forests in Russia. Together, this provides an annual allowable cut of 9,2 million m3, making Mondi potentially self-sufficient in wood for 50% of its pulp-production needs.

Mondi remain committed to a programme of forestry excellence to ensure that the productive capability, biological integrity and community needs of the forests that it manages or leases are considered at all times.

This means a sustained wood supply for Mondi’s pulp and paper mills while maintaining high forestry standards in its own operations. Mondi also require its contracted fibre suppliers to adhere to these standards. Mondi have developed its own systems and procedures for the responsible procurement of wood, virgin fibre and biomass to ensure that all wood and fibre Mondi use is always sourced from sustainably-managed forests. In 2008, in line with Mondi’s commitment to use only wood from controlled sources, Mondi completed the implementation of its wood tracing system, sourced 53% of its virgin fiber from credibly certified sources and used no fiber from areas defined as high risk by the FSC standard.

Mondi’s plantations forests in South Africa were successfully awarded Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) recertification in 2007. Each year, Mondi replenishes its forestry assets with extensive replanting programmes. In South Africa Mondi established/replanted 23,000 hectares or 10% of plantations in 2008, while in Russia forests are regenerated via natural re-growth.

The Mondi Wetlands Programme receives funding from Mondi Limited, and works very closely with Mondi’s  Forestry operations assisting the Division to manage it’s wetlands sustainably according to Mondi’s  wetlands policy.



The Mazda Wildlife Fund was formed in 1990 by the South African Motor Corporation – now Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) – and its nation-wide network of Mazda dealers. With every Mazda purchase a contribution is made to the Fund. Since 1990, FMCSA have invested over R23 million into the Fund, and are committed to a future investment of R1,5 million per year, contributing towards a multitude of scientific endeavours critical for the survival of our planet. Since its inception, more than 120 projects have been supported by the Fund. These projects fall into four main categories: education, conservation, research and general. Every field project needs wheels, and as a rule, sponsorship is provided in the form of a Mazda vehicle, which is given to the project on a loan basis, renewable annually if progress is satisfactory. At any time there are between 28 – 30  FMCSA-sponsored Mazda vehicles assisting in projects throughout the country. The Mondi Wetlands Programme is the proud user of one of these sponsored 4x4 turbo diesel vehicles, and has purchased a further three vehicles at a significant discount care of Mazda.

The vehicles are maintained by the Mazda Dealers with all service and normal maintenance costs being met by the Fund. Servicing Dealers monitor the condition of the project vehicles to ensure that they operate at peak efficiency and are a visible credit to the Mazda brand, as they are working in the field to preserve our precious natural heritage.


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